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What Lewesfit Clients are Saying…

I have always been an all or nothing person when it comes to exercise and consequently never got the results I wanted. However, after just a month of weekly sessions with Katie, I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have done – and to my surprise look forward to each one! She tailors every session and exercise to how you are feeling that day, and what you want to gain, and has the perfect balance in pushing you hard enough to make you recognise your ability, but not so much so that you never want to exercise again.

Caroline Clarke, Lewes

Katie is professional and knowledgeable, but also good fun and I always leave our sessions feeling happier. Depending on the agreed goals, Katie pushes and challenges, but she is also sensitive and makes adjustments to the training session when necessary. I have a couple of physical restrictions and she has worked hard to find alternative excercises so that they don’t hold me back. She is warm and friendly, a dedicated personal trainer, whose interest extends to the whole person’s wellbeing.

Nadine Feinsone, Lewes

I was experiencing more and more back problems, so I started working with Katie to strengthen my core. After 4 years I feel generally fitter and have fewer back problems, which allows me to play hockey and run regularly. Katie does everything she can to fit our session around my work commitments, and my weekly training session gives me the fitness I need to play the sport I love.

Helen Fuller, Lewes

I started training with Katie in order to focus my exercise and work on all aspects of my fitness not just running. She immediately understood that as a 50+ office based person with young children, my time was limited, and training sessions and follow up exercise programmes needed to reflect that. Katie always managed to achieve the right blend of hard work and encouragement, and her very positive and cheerful personality meant training was something I looked forward to, although I knew it would be hard work. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie as a personal trainer, whatever the level of your fitness and expectations.

Simon Baillie Hamilton, Hurstpierpoint

My wife and I have been clients of Katie Weir at Lewesfit for 3 years and are delighted with the help and encouragement that Katie has given us and continues to do so. We have both benefited greatly from her help, and our health and fitness has improved beyond measure while we have been working with her.

Andrew and Sandra Banks, Lewes

I had the best time at Glyndebourne, and one of the reasons was Katie Weir, she was the best trainer ever. She helped me to obtain goals I’ve never imagined. My level of fitness is better than when I used to play college football 12 years ago! Besides she is such a caring and fun person to train with too! She took care of my voice fitness, always working around so I would never feel vocally strained or fatigued after a session at the gym. Best experience ever!

David Lomeli, Travelling Opera Singer

When my sister told me that she was getting me a personal trainer as a wedding present my initial thoughts were Oh dear…! I had been saying that I wanted to get in shape not just to feel better on the day but because health issues had meant that I just wasn’t physically fit. Well I needn’t have worried, within a few weeks I actually found myself looking forward to my sessions with Katie, she was a joy to be trained by and now my attitude to exercise and fitness has been transformed.

Lucie Stoker, Piddinghoe

Katie worked with me as a personal trainer for approximately one year and we met reguarly each week. We spent time at the beginning looking at my aims and goals and discussed what I had done in the past. This included improving my overall fitness and losing weight. Katie made the sessions fun and achievable, in particular I enjoyed the boxing and improving my capacity for running harder and longer. Katie was at all times professional and supportive, she showed insight into my psychological needs, and how they affected my ability to excercise and eat well. I can recommend Katie as a personal trainer who has the expereince to tailor training according to individual needs, and provide both challanges and variety to the sessions.

Vivienne Macey, Lewes

Personal Training with Katie has been about more than just getting physically fit; although the miraculous transformations in fitness are amazing in themselves. It’s also about becoming mentally and physically stronger, about regaining confidence in body and mind, and all this is led by the ever cheery, ever encouraging and completely dedicated Katie. I look and feel like a different woman to the one I was when I started training, and it’s all thanks to Katie. Her ability to know just what a client needs and wants from a session, and to take your development forward in a way that feels totally achievable and creates incredible results. She is unique, and she’s genuinely changed my life!

Jenny Hewitt, Lewes

I have had weight issues in the past, so it was important for me to lose weight and become a happier and healthier person. Training with Katie was a very enjoyable and beneficial experience. She taught me about the foods I should and shouldn’t eat, and refined my plan regularly as we learnt about my body together. This process has benefited me immensely, as I am now knowledgeable about what food is best for my body; this information is something I will have for the rest of my life. Katie is a very lovely and warm person. Although the workouts were hard and she knew how to push me to get the best results, she never made me feel uncomfortable. If I slipped up with my food or felt particularly tired on a training day, she would understand and help me to refocus. This was a perfect balance for me, as I felt that I could enjoy the experience as well as achieving goals with my weight loss. Over the course of our sessions, I dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 23 pounds. I feel so much more confident in myself, and far more active and productive in my everyday life. Becoming healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself, and training with Katie is something I would recommend to anyone.

Josie McNamara, Musician, Glynde

I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions with Katie. She always made them fun and varied and completely tailored to meet my needs. She is a great motivator and always positive. Training with Katie felt like meeting up with a good friend each time. I really looked forward to my sessions and did lots of new exercises which I never would have tried on my own. I feel a lot more confident in my body, my posture has improved and I feel so much stronger.

Vanessa. Midwife, Plumpton

You have been fantastic, I had so may lovely comments yesterday about how good I looked, plus my friend said “You look totally stunning” so different to last Christmas, happy and confident! So thank you so much for all my aching limbs it’s so worth it. I have lost 14 pounds so am a very happy bunny! Thank you for all your help.

Anita Montague, Plumpton


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