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How Is Metabolic Balance® Different From Other Weight Loss Programmes?

  • Lasting Weight Loss
  • The unrivalled success of Metabolic Balance® lies in it’s ability to change your relationship with food and how you eat forever

Your Own Unique Plan

The programme is individually designed based on the results of a simple blood test. Your unique plan is formulated from results of this blood test, no two people’s plans are the same. The plan you follow is based on the foods that will produce optimal results for you, determined by your unique physiology.

Simple & Effective

The plan tells you what to eat, when to eat, how much and in what combination. This optimises the metabolic balancing and weight loss possibilities of your individual program, meaning only foods that your body can best metabolise are included in the first part of your plan .

No More Food Cravings

The diet is nutritionally sound, does not cut out any food groups and includes a wide variety of foods. This ensures it doesn’t feel like a deprivation diet, just a sustainable, balanced way of eating that will make you feel amazing.

Individual Coaching and Support

You will not be on your own. As your Metabolic Balance® coach, Katie will guide you through the programme, offering continued guidance and support.

Initial 10 minute free telephone consultation – This is a 10/15 minute telephone consultation to discuss whether Metabolic Balance is right for you, and to answer any questions you may have.

Appointment 1 – your personal data will be taken to allow your plan to be compiled.

Appointment 2 – you receive your food plan and shopping list which will be fully explained, allowing you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Appointment 3 – Weight log, additional questions answered, discussion of plan to date (in person, Skype, telephone)

Appointment 4 – Extended food list presented and discussed, add oil to meals, exercise and treat meal explained (in person, Skype, telephone)

Appointment 5 –  Weight log, (in person, Skype, telephone)

Appointment 6 – Lifestyle plan discussed (in person, Skype, telephone)

Appointment 7 – Review success and maintenance plan established for lifelong weight maintenance (in person, Skype, telephone)

Please note: the type of appointment (eg. in person, Skype or telephone) is dependent upon client/coach availability.

How does it work?

The programme promotes hormonal balance by regulating the amount of insulin that your body produces. Fat burning and weight loss occur alongside increased energy, better sleep and digestion, and a heightened feeling of well-being.

Interested to find out more?

The Lean ReBalance is a combination of the Metabolic Balance® Programme and Katie’s extensive experience as a Personal Trainer/Metabolic Effect Trainer, Nutritional Advisor & Fat Loss Coach.

Call now to discover whether Metabolic Balance® is suitable for you. For further help or information on how Metabolic Balance® works, please complete the contact form from the link below, or call Katie on 07788 131366 for your free telephone consultation.

Please note: Metabolic Balance® is not suitable for the following:

Young children
Pregnant/breastfeeding women
Those suffering from kidney complaints/renal disease
Those following a vegan diet

**Please note: Results will vary depending upon various factors including: how strictly the plan is followed, lifestyle factors, required weight loss, individual physiology, age and activity levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried so many diets, will this be just another diet that I won’t be able to follow?

Metabolic Balance® is a step-by-step approach that balances your metabolism and identifies the foods that best support your individual metabolism. This means no more food cravings and a healthy enjoyable way to eat for life.

Will I be hungry?

Metabolic Balance® is so successful because it reduces hunger and cravings and does not rely on willpower for it’s success. Phases 1 and 2 of the plan are strict, and clients sometimes report that they feel hungrier than normal during the first 2 weeks. This is mostly due to the fact that the diet requires you to leave 5 hours between meals with no snacks. As soon as the body adjusts to this way of eating, weight loss accelerates and clients report that they begin to feel happier, more energetic and their food cravings disappear.

What kind of food will I be eating?

You will be eating food from all the major food groups: protein, carbohydrates and fats.

All the food is available at regular supermarkets. There are no shakes, pills, supplements or special equipment required to take part in the Metabolic Balance® Programme.


Will I need to exercise?

Exercise is not part of the Metabolic Balance® Programme for Phases 1 and 2. These two phases last between 16 and 32 days, dependent upon how long you remain on Phase 2.  Stretching and walking are encouraged however during these first two phases.

Exercise is slowly re-introduced in Phase 3, based on your individual level of fitness. Exercise is not included in the regular Lean Rebalance Programme.

Should you choose one of the Lean Rebalance Active packages, a bespoke exercise plan will be devised to further support your weight loss.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

This depends upon how much weight you have to lose, age, metabolism, medication, lifestyle factors and how strictly the programme is followed. The average expected weight loss is around 6-14lbs in the first month, with some clients seeing a loss of up to 42lbs (3 stone) over the whole programme.

Will it be easy to maintain my weight?

The final few weeks of the Metabolic Balance® Programme address weight maintenance, providing simple guidelines and tools helping you to maintain your desired weight. You will be supported through this stage to further enable your continued success.

I live too far away to visit you, is it still possible to take part in the programme?

For clients not in Sussex, consultations can be carried out by phone conference or Skype. Blood tests can be taken locally and sent via courier to The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), our testing lab. Please note: clients may pay a small additional fee to a courier for this service (usually under £15). Once the blood tests are received, the programme can usually commence within one week.

I have a very busy lifestyle, would I still be able to follow the Metabolic Balance Programme?

Absolutely. The programme is simple, and with a little planning, fits easily into a busy lifestyle.

I have lots of social engagements coming up in the next few weeks/I’m going on holiday - can I start the programme now?

It is not recommended to begin the programme with many celebrations/birthdays/parties schedule, certainly for the first 4-5 weeks. The first part of the plan is strict (Phases 1 and 2). It is better to clear your diary of social engagements involving food and alcohol at this stage.

Can I smoke on the programme?

Yes, it is possible to take part in the programme if you are a smoker.